Chelsea Plain Seats Sofa


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Has finding the perfect sofa for your living space got you fumbling at every other home décor store? Your search ends with top-notch furnishers as we bring to you an unmatched type of sofa with a frame and color that is the perfect fit for your living space. The variety of seaters allows you to buy it in accordance with the number of people at home, hence, making it family-friendly.

  • Crafted with high-quality materials that do not wear out easily
  • Eco-friendly material ensuring environmental health
  • Dense mattress to make your sitting experience comfortable in every form
  • Beautiful colour that is suited to most interiors
  • Brings out a lavish look to your space

High comfort-ability factor, not only does it steals your guest’s attention, but they would also be asking about its whereabouts. Robust wooden frame and ulterior use of materials make it the seater of your dreams.


Leather Will Cost £100 on Base Product Price.

Sofa Sets

3 Seater + 2 Seater + 1 Seater, 1 Seater, 2 Seater, 3 Seater, 2 seater + 3 seater

1 seater1109080
2 seater1659080
3 seater1959080
4 seater2309080
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